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Alma Linux 8 / Centos 8/RHEL 8- Setting Amavis and ClamAV

This is preface. Amavis (A Mail Virus Scanner) is a high-performance interface between a message transfer agent (MTA) such as Postfix and content filters....
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Amavis Blocking Email with encrypted zip

Hi Dude, Today I will write a story about handling spam emails that have an encrypted zip file attachment. Lots of...
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Amavisd Whitelist or Allowed Mail Address

Hi Dude, today i will share about Whitelist or Allowed email address from “BLocked BAD HEADER-0”. This is simple we can...
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Alma Linux 8 / Centos 8 – Setup Up SpamAssassin to Block Email Spam

Hi Dude. Today, i will write about anti spam with spamassassin in Alma Linux 8.SpamAssassin is a free, open-source, flexible and...
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Alma Linux 8 – Postfix SMTP Server

Today, i will write about postfix smtp server in Alma linux 8. Alma linux is the successor of the discontinued centos....
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Easy Fix 550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client.

Hi Dude, Today, i am get error message when sending mail to cpanel. <>: host said: 550-Please turn on SMTP...
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Easy Way to Get All Email Address and Mail Forwarder in cPanel

Hi Dude. I want to share tips on how to export all email addresses on all cpanel accounts. Just run one...
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Easy Show Routes (routing table) in Linux

Hi Dude, Today i will write about how to show or print routing table in generally linux operating system. Its easy....
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Easy Way to Check Ubuntu Version

Hi Dude. This article will show you how to find your Ubuntu version using the command line. lsb_release This is popular...
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